Suntour BMX Head Lock – Silver

Suntour BMX Head Lock – Details

Silver Suntour head lock for sale. These head locks helped to keep the old school BMX headsets tight and I ran them on each of my bikes. Tange also made one, although not nearly as good looking as the Suntour one if you ask me.

This was NOS and the gold anodising was stripped and it was polished. There is some evidence of the gold underneath where it is not seen when mounted. Fine line between leaving the item in the chemicals and it eating everything or leaving it just long enough to lose the colour.

Was used on a show bike and that’s about all.

Comes with the original decal, allen key and spare grub screws and plastic pieces. Basically everything except the card and plastic wrap it all come in…

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Suntour BMX Head Lock – Photos

Suntour BMX Head Lock
Suntour BMX Head Lock