About Only BMX

OnlyBMX.com lists vintage BMX or old school BMX bikes and parts for sale. I started collection in late 2005 and whilst most of these parts are mine, I have listed a few from a mate as well. As you would be well aware if you have spent any time in the old school BMX collecting scene, this is before the time of the proliferation of reproduction parts.

If you wish to buy any of the BMX bikes, BMX parts or other bikes/parts for sale then simply complete the form. There is a link to the contact form on each BMX part page, or  Click to Contact me.

I’ve been out of the scene for a while, however, I still maintain contact with a bunch of people. So if you are looking for a specific part, get in touch and I may be able to point you in the right direction. That said, it seems many of the collectors have moved a bit underground these days.

Getting into the vintage BMX scene was great and a way for me to remember the good times of summer holidays riding my Mongoose, Hutch or PK Ripper BMXes with mates. The Mongoose didn’t last too long because it was too heavy. I loved my Hutch Pro Racer and had two of them. Warranty replacement on the first one. It cracked half way around the top tube near the head tube. At that time I made it my race bike and bought a PK Ripper for my regular riding and jumping bike. In hindsight that might seem like a dumb idea. Guess I was lucky I didn’t crack that one too. Perhaps I just wasn’t jumping high enough!