Old School BMX Bikes And Parts

Old school BMX or vintage BMX bikes and parts for sale from my collection. Many of this have been amassed since around 2005. A range of new old stock, survivor or unrestored and refinished in line with how these BMX parts would have been when new.

Old school BMX collecting and being part of the community allowed me to enjoy one of the best times of my life. If only everything were as carefree in adulthood. Should I get the new Kashimax Aero seat or stick with the Elina Lightning bolt seat with barely any lightning bolt remaining.

Only BMX is a place to sell most of my old school BMX parts I have collected. Like many, I was sitting at home, avoiding work and thought about reliving my youth and the freedom that came with my BMX. Days spent riding with my mates were even more enjoyable than the days spent racing at the BMX tracks around my state. Truth be told, I was an average BMX racer. A decent result here and there, just not too many top of the podium finishes.

This was around 2005, and thanks to a few forums and eBay, my collection started. As life changes and spending 90% of the time travelling means collecting has to take a back seat. About the only bike that hasn’t gone on the chopping block is my Hutch Pro Racer. Based loosely on my childhood bike with a few upgrades I couldn’t afford back then. Redline Fight cranks have replaced the Sugino one piece cranks.

I thought I knew a decent amount about BMX from the late 70s through the early 80s. My friends and I would study the magazines such as Bicycle Motocross Action and BMW Plus (usually 2-3 months out of date in Australia…) and local publications such as BMW Pancake. It wasn’t until I started spending time on the forums did I realise how little I knew about old school BMX. Part of that came from being in Australia and not being around a large group of riders. We were limited to the Redlines, Mongooses, GTs, Diamond Backs and the exotics such as Hutch, Patterson and obviously Quicksilvers.

I travel a lot, so I don’t spend much time in South Florida, where my parts are stored. That said, if you are after something, get in touch, and I’m happy to let you know when I will be able to get back there, and we can hopefully come to an agreement.

Old School BMX Bikes And Parts

Oakley Crud Plugs – Red

Oakley Crud Plugs For Vintage BMX Grips

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Shimano DX Pedals – New

New Shimano DX BMX Pedals for sale

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Phil Wood BMX Hubs – NOS

New Phil Wood BMX Hubs

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Shimano DX Pedal Reflectors

Shimano DX Pedal Reflectors

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