Do you combine shipping?

Yes, always. That’s why the shipping costs aren’t shown for each item because often it’s more than one part being bought.

Any handling charges?

No, never. Just the actual cost of shipping the package.

Do you ship international?


How do you ship?

Usually USPS, however, if you can provide an account number for your preferred shipping company then that will work as well.

Why is tracking/signature confirmation required?

A few reasons. One is to cover myself and so I know the package has been delivered. PayPal also require certain things to meet the seller protection criteria. By providing you with a tracking number, you know when the package has been shipped (usually within 1-2 business days of payment) and can follow the progress.

Anything special about international shipping?

Yes. I only ship with full door to door tracking. With USPS that means express mail and sure it costs more, however, you also get the package very quickly. Again, part of it is peace of mind and part of it is to meet the PayPal seller protection criteria.

How do you decide which shipping method?

I try and select the best method (e.g. flat rate) that makes it the least cost to you whilst still providing all the tracking/confirmation stuff.

What about insurance?

If you want insurance, and I highly recommend it for the usually negligible cost, I am happy to add that on and will use the amount of the item, unless advised otherwise by you.