Oakley Crud Plugs – Black

Black Oakley Crud Plugs – Details

So you have spent a fortune on a set of NOS Oakley grips for your latest old school BMX build. Why not spend a bit more for the new old stock black Oakley Crud Plugs.

These plugs go in the holes in the ends of the Oakley BMX grips and probably the precursor to the bar ends, although these offered no protection to the ends of the grips whatsoever. Purely for looks I guess. Of course we all had to have them after seeing them in BMX Plus and BMX Action!

I have one pair of black Oakley Crud Plugs for sale. No idea if there are being reproduced or not. I didn’t keep much stuff from back in the day. These were some of the things so I now for sure they are genuine items.

Scroll down for more photos of the black Oakley Crud Plugs.

Price – $25 for one pair (USD) Shipping – Worldwide, at cost. Location – Georgia, USA

Also have red Oakley Crud Plus for sale.

Black Oakley Crud Plugs – Photos

Black Oakley Crud Plugs For Vintage BMX Grips
Black Oakley Crud Plugs For Vintage BMX Grips